Tires are the lifeblood of your car. The wrong set of tires can put you in a precarious situation as you commute through Reading, PA. If you feel unsure about what tires to use or want to try another brand or type, these are steps you can take before making your next tire purchase at Lancaster Hyundai.

Decide if You Need New Tires

Before getting started, you must first determine if you need new tires for your vehicle. There are two methods you can use to make this decision. The first approach involves examining the tires and pinpointing any deficiencies. You can look for signs of uneven wear on the tread, consider low tread depth, review your satisfaction with the current performance, and check the date of your tires to see if they have exceeded 3-5 years. If you are not available to review these characteristics, you can also come by our dealership so we can inspect them for you.

Review Your Driving Habits

Some people spend a great deal of time in their vehicles while others only drive a few times per week. If you need new tires, review your driving habits to ensure your next set matches the time and activities you conduct as you spend on the road around Lebanon, PA.


If you spend most of your time driving off the beaten path, you need tires that let you enjoy adventurous locales without getting stuck. Many times, an all-terrain tire may be the most suitable option. These have interlocking treads that cause your tires to maintain a good grip on rocks and mud. At the same time, these can also work well when on paved roads.


You may take long drives for fun or have obligations that require long commutes each day. Because of the longer distances you take in your vehicle, you need a tire that provides better road comfort and longer-lasting tread life. Often, styles that offer higher mileages work nicely for your situation.

Work Truck

Getting the best tires for a work truck often depends on how you spend the bulk of your day. If you spend most of your time traveling to various locations, you can use highway tires for better fuel economy and increased longevity. When your job requires you to conquer tumultuous landscapes, you can benefit from all-terrain tires that provide increased strength and impressive off-road traction.

Consider Your Priorities

When shopping for tires, you may focus on the price. You want to pick a set that fits within your budget, which is a significant feature to consider. Yet, other characteristics should affect your decision as well. You will need the tire that best fits your lifestyle, and that is discovered by reviewing what you prioritize most. You can determine this by ranking the utmost features you desire in seasonality, fuel efficiency, manufacturer, all-terrain capabilities, comfort, tread, mileage, and more.

Locate the Tire Size For Your Vehicle

Every vehicle has a recommended tire size that should work best for its particular make and model. This measurement gets determined based on the weight, suspension system, and rim size. To learn what tire size gets suggested for your automobile, you can find the information in the owner's manual or the door jam of the driver's side.

If you still feel unsure about the tires you need for your vehicle, you can speak with the experts at our dealership. They will guide you through the entire process to get the best tires. We offer all the major tire brands, and we are confident we have the perfect tire to fit your vehicle. Order them online or visit our Harrisburg tire center today.

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